About Us


This is about SajBase Productions

SajBase established in 2016 is a trustworthy company which purely gives its fullest support for the business world. This company is located at Nittabuwa, Gampaha district in the western province. We have the idea of commercial needs for modern day businesses and how much custom software can be helpful to improve performance effectively. Our main software developments are basically on business applications. It is our major concern to provide the customer with the simple, user-friendly and effective software application which can easily go with the business. We are capable of making software applications for above mentioned three business types and at the beginning, an initial survey takes place on your business requirement in order to make the particular software application simple and easy for you. The software applications developed by our company have the ability of making the business process much easier and accurate as you desire.

Starting at the highest level, we are trying to accomplish a business goal or address an issue. Our services include advising on how software can address the need at hand. In addition to assisting with a clear roadmap, we advise on how to get there. We understand well all fundamentals of a successful software development project. We know how to put all the pieces together while helping advise on the options, gap analysis software Development. From product development, industry trends like modern technology, and software partner recommendations to network, communications protocol and security suggestions. And Sajbase Company is a premier software development provider who gives its customers the best service

SajBase gives you a variety of benefits for your organization,

  • Making your business easy and clear so as to go further successfully
  • Giving proper solutions to the existing issues in your company system
  • Giving continuous maintenance service after implementing the software
  • Furthermore, we are happy to say that we have the expectation of producing computer games for your entertainment in the near future.

It is absolute that we are a kind of organization who has a good vision and clear intention of giving maximum service for the customer. Dear customer! SajBase Productions is a valuable company who always treats you as a close friend whenever you are in need of its help.